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Maintaining your system is no fun. Your home is your haven. You want to relax with the knowledge that your system's care is in good hands and all you need to do is enjoy it.

Ambiaire’s signature maintenance program allows you to do just that. Get an expert technician to visit your home biannually to inspect, test, clean and repair anything HVAC-related so that your system’s efficiency is not compromised and its longevity extended.

Some of the common emergencies you can avoid:

  • - Dirty filters
  • - Clogged drains
  • - Bad capacitors
  • - Dirty flame rectifiers
  • - Loose wires
  • - Dirty condensers
  • - Dirty blower wheels
  • - Broken condensate pumps
  • - Bad motors
  • - Burnt contacts
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“Ambiaire has given me my peace of mind. I know that my systems work efficiently and reliably and I am confident with the knowledge that my systems are properly taken care of. ”

- M. G

Our technicans are:


Our technicans are:



You get to enjoy

Customized support

You get to enjoy

Increased comfort

Superior service

  • 1

    Select a time that works best for you

  • 2

    Have your system seen to by one of our dedicated repairman

  • 3

    Have your system diagnosed and fixed to enjoy the added comfort to your life

Your systems can benefit from

  • Fewer breakdowns
  • Extended lifespans
  • Increased efficiency
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  • Repair

    Get your system repaired by a qualified, trained HVAC expert who understands its intricacies and can address the root of the problem Need it fixed now?

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  • Maintenance

    Hand over the headache of maintenance to a dedicated HVAC expert so you can experience hassle-free comfort all year round.

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  • Consultation

    Receive expert guidance on anything HVAC related, so you are confident the recommendations you’re receiving are tailor made to your needs.

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