HVAC is the air I breathe

I breathe my passion, knowledge and HVAC expertise
into creating a perfect comfort system for your home.

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Nathan Rothenberg

CEO of Ambiaire, HVAC extraordinaire, and comfort obsessed.

Your home is your haven, and I am passionate about it staying that way. Since 2011 my mission has been to deliver comfort to over 500 homes, together with my team of trained and certified technicians. We can do this for you, too. Get a system that is built upon years of HVAC knowledge, factory training, continuous research and reading - and relax knowing you have chosen the best - because your home deserves nothing less.

“Once I met Nathan, I knew this guy's different. He is the engineer himself. He lives and breathes air conditioning. It's like meeting the engineer himself. His method is not about pushing in more cold air. Real comfort is when you walk into a room and you're just comfortable. It's not hot. It's not cold. And that requires expertise in distribution and circulation of the air, which only Ambiaire has been able to offer.”

- Joel W.

  • Expertise

    I have honed and perfected my knowledge and skills by combining years of building science research,with HVAC factory training and system design experience, so that you receive one of a kind cutting edge solutions

  • Passion

    I am driven by your comfort and will invest time, expertise and skill into delivering your needs. What you view as an impossibility I view as a personal challenge.

  • Commitment

    I stand behind my systems and will be there to guide you through any difficulties that arise, however far down the line. Once a client, always a client.

Our pledge to you:

We won’t be comfortable until you are.

At Ambiaire, your comfort matters. We commit to providing you premium and
personalized service that takes your comfort into account.

Ready for your comfort to take center stage?

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  • Repair

    Get your system repaired by a qualified, trained HVAC expert who understands its intricacies and can address the root of the problem Need it fixed now?

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  • Maintenance

    Hand over the headache of maintenance to a dedicated HVAC expert so you can experience hassle-free comfort all year round.

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  • Consultation

    Receive expert guidance on anything HVAC related, so you are confident the recommendations you’re receiving are tailor made to your needs.

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